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Right intention
September 19th, 2013

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Right intention

One can forever talk about becoming a better person ("as soon as" they've finished that last item on their to-do list, taking them further away from the goal… as completing this 'last' step only gets one to add a new item on the to-do list), or one can walk the Path.

Conversation might be a part of the Path… "A part," not "the whole." Stop talking! Act!

An 'intention' is worthless if it's not embodied / actualised. Your 'mundane' body is also your 'sacred' vessel.
In Buddhist terms? "Right intention" is not separate from "right action", "right speech", "right livelihood", "right effort"… The eightfold path is not walked one quality at a time: there's no 'walking' if you move only one foot and not the other! The eight branches are all involved in each step! Don't separate mind from body. To "wisely act / engage"  is the key.

by Eric Albin:
"Eric, I think you have it all wrong. Really. The future doesn't belong to some prick in a corner office with a silk tie, a German car and a small penis. He's the past. Maybe he always was."
 "What do you mean?"
"I mean he's spent everything he's got inside just to get where he's at; he doesn't have a damn thing left over. No time for kids. No future. And good riddance. The future doesn't need more men with pedicures."
 "No? What then?"
"Men with calluses on their hands from blazing their own damn trail, Eric."