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July 1st, 2014 (October 30th, 2014)

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20 posts included 10 original contributions:

Starting somewhere…
Desire for Enlightenment
Right meditation (59'19'' video for +Saṅgha Alive!)
Apathy (short post)
Spiritual materialism
Projections on teachers (42'16'' video for +Saṅgha Alive!)
Gratitude without greed
curiosity (short post)
'Abused'… by one's anticipations
Samsaric perpetuation by 'abuse'

In June, these original creations —as well as interactions in communities and in comment threads, the length of which might long exceed that of the posts— were financially supported by 20 people. This production accrues a few thousands views every day, and 224 people currently ask for notifications when original content is posted.

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Next +Saṅgha Alive! event: "Four noble truths": Truths? What truths?

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