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h/t +Naga R Dhoopati 
October 21st, 2014

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h/t +Naga R Dhoopati 
by Dr. Kurt Smith:
Some Words Are Better Left Unsaid

Rock band Hawk Nelson had a hit in 2013 called, simply, “Words.” The lyrics clearly outline the immense power in what we say. As Hawk Nelson sings, words can make us “feel like a prisoner” or “feel like a king.”

Words are a tool nearly everyone has access to. And they’re one of the most powerful devices any of us possess. If you’re reading this post, then they’re definitely in your arsenal. But just as with any tool we have at our disposal, we need to use our words with care. Otherwise, this effective tool can quickly become a destructive weapon.

We use words to communicate with others. Often we communicate feelings of joy, fear, anger, pain, annoyance, excitement – the list is endless. And there’s nothing wrong with expressing emotions, positive or negative, but we need to be careful about the words we choose to express how we feel.

Especially when you need to let someone know you’re frustrated by their behavior or disappointed in their decision, it's important to take a second to think about how your words may be received. This doesn't mean we should avoid our communicating, but rather be conscious of the words we use. Make sure the words you’re choosing to speak aren’t ones you’ll regret later. Just remember – a spoken word can never be unsaid.

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