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The #AskMeAnything  silly "Thank you" celebration!
November 5th, 2016

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The #AskMeAnything  silly "Thank you" celebration!

A year ago, I was about to finalise the acquisition of the building where now runs… the logo was almost ready… the website was under construction…

After many challenges, and after 6 retreats run with success, the 'joys' of money-losing entrepreneurship continue! 5 more retreats are already programmed, and a project to nurture a local saṅgha is on its way.

Like anyone who was on the SUL for a while, I'm slowly losing followers since I'm no longer on the list: people who delete their accounts, people who realise that google's suggestion to follow me wasn't appropriate for them… But while I lost 8,000 uninterested people in a year, the « non-sectarian Buddhism: ethics, meditation, wisdom » collection gained 180 people who do not follow me as a person… 8,000 un-interested vs. 180 interested seems a good deal to me: 370,000 'mere' followers would equate more than 8,000 interested followers?

Even if 8,000 is inflated, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your consideration, your plusses, your reshares and the conversations which arose in comments.
And thank you to those who supported this work (from online posts to offline teachings, from the moderation of the « Buddhism and Meditation » community to answers in the « Buddhism Q&A » one) with donations on the websites of or +koan.無.

Those who wish to receive additional content (rare but in-depth pieces, not the most appropriate for fast-paced social media) should consider subscribing to the newsletter of, e.g. from the 'retreat' page.
And I have more 'direct' students than a year ago, but I still have capacity to help a few more…

As a light-hearted way to celebrate this milestone of interest in the Dharma, and the fact that has not bankrupted me yet, and given the rather-insightful success of the first editions, this post is where you can Ask Me Anything.

Of course, those only following « non-sectarian Buddhism: ethics, meditation, wisdom » will miss any "thank you" here, since a post can only be in one collection at a time… Oh well! The unintended joke of google's design!

Photo entirely unrelated to the post. Unless you ask me about single-line tattoos or artist Mo Gangi in Berlin, Germany… then it would be related, but I know little about either!

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