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Happiness on your own —without caring for others— leads to resentment, envy, jealousy, and plants the…
March 3rd, 2013 (November 21st, 2013)
Happiness on your own —without caring for others— leads to resentment, envy, jealousy, and plants the seed of the cessation of your happiness —via the reactions it triggers in others: you can only be truly happy if all are happy.
Ceasing the suffering of all sentient beings is thus a requirement for a lasting cessation of your own dissatisfaction and suffering, due to interdependence.

The belief in separation, or 'true' independence (i.e. an escape from causality), is neither logical nor supported by evidence or History…

Kings and nobility have lost heads over such a belief!

Powerful and fearsome warlords died over such a belief! Quite a few times by the hand of their heirs!

Rich people lost everything in revolutions over such a belief! When it was not the general crowd revolting, a battle over some inheritance could be enough to create a family feud (even rich people are susceptible to turn against brothers, sisters, advisors, etc. for just a bit more wealth they don't need)!

The belief that one may isolate oneself is totally delusional. Temporarily, it might appear possible… But to believe isolation is possible in the long run requires serious blindness to what reality is.

Everyone knows this fundamentally, so why continue as if an un-generous, im-patient, un-wise (and often im-moral) behaviour was the only way to go? Why persevere in a status quo which —everyone knows— does not cease suffering (regardless of the marvellous technical progress)? 
Why persevere in a status quo which has us look for the cessation of suffering the same way people looked for cessation of suffering 25 centuries ago? How many more centuries of technical progress do we need for people to see that existential dissatisfaction is not alleviated even when material dissatisfaction is?

Study wealth inequality in America (Wealth Inequality in America), then tell me the 1% will enjoy social stability and safety! Then look in History books… and try telling this to me again, without coughing at your denial of the evidence of the contrary!

You can keep saying "this time, it is different"… Every previous time when a belief in separation became strong enough to create resentment and envy and jealousy, every time, this argument was used; but it never saved anyone…
Repeat the cycle of saṃsāra, or learn! Your call!
To pretend that the "six perfections", the "18 root downfalls" or the "bodhisattva vow(s)" are 'unrealistic' is merely to look for excuses to change nothing and perpetuate being miserable
(cf. and comments).

• Dāna – generosity;
• Śīla – morality, or ethical discipline;
• Kṣānti – patience;
• Vīrya – perseverance;
• Dhyāna – one-pointed concentration, contemplation;
• Prajñā – wisdom.
The rest (and the current 'norm' in our societies) has, time and time again, led to suffering (not just for the 'weak' but also for the 'strong'). Why do you accept it as your 'norm', i.e. your karma?