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A comic about a comic-artist dropping comic-school
April 21st, 2016
A comic about a comic-artist dropping comic-school

   It's funny that v.1, linked below, actually presents the drop-out in a lot more 'human' and less 'dogmatic' way than v.2 ;-) In my eyes, it represents a very valuable personal enquiry by the school drop-out, into the deep questions of "what is this?" and "what now?"  It's inspirational!

   However, v.1 supposedly included statements that the to-be-monk expressed concern about, and provided a correction to… hence v.2 (the link is at the bottom of v.1). Interestingly, v.2 introduces more difficulties than it solves though!

   To start with, while it is worthwhile to try and express oneself as clearly as possible, trying to control how others will receive it, trying to force reality to 'understand' us, is clearly delusional. We do our best, we influence, but we have to let go of being in perfect control ;-)

   Moreover, to assert that Buddhism is suitable for oneself because one "needs structure"  is probably a better reason (and a perfectly valid one, since Buddhism —contrarily to the recent rise of consumerist 'mindfulness'— does  offer a strong ethical frame and even institutions!) than to assert that Buddhism is the "most direct"  spiritual path (without the tiniest proof!). Suitability or appropriateness is a relationship between path and student; it's not an inherent characteristic of the path ;-)

   Finally, the "relativity of values",  observed when people in different contexts react differently to the same announcement, is a much wiser observation than "a monk's path can only be understood by a monk",  which is classic claim of being 'special' in some way ( and/or the arising of common 'conceit' by monastics.

   Deep questions of "what is this?"  and "what now?" !
   Let's wish a good continuation to this young novice!