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Thank you
August 16th, 2013

With my gratitude


Locations of my early followers

Thank you for your support to the worldwide saṃgha, including yourself and myself.

How to contact me?

If you're not doing so already, please consider following me directly on google+, as you might benefit from the active comment threads that regularly arise in relation to my posts (e.g. Vegetarianism and lay buddhists).

For questions which might be publicly shared, google+ is the best avenue as I monitor closely what's happening on my stream and make it important to respond in my threads.

For more personal questions, you can email me at (or phone me on +33 (0)7 6844 6304 —you might need to leave a message). You can also leave me a message via google hangouts, or share a post privately with me (I then advise to explicitly ‘notify’ me, by mentioning +Denis Wallez in the core of the post).

If I don't respond, it usually means I did not see or receive your message (and/or notification), not that I refuse to respond… If I don't have time right now, I'll usually acknowledge receipt of your message nonetheless, to let you know that the answer might take a few days. So, in the absence of a response, please don't take it personally; simply contact me again.

Other avenues

Please also consider joining the “Buddhism and Meditation” community, which is the largest Buddhism-related community on google+, and of which I am the current lead-moderator.

Additionally, you might be interested in “Buddhism Q&A” (of which I am the lead-moderator, following its ‘rebirth’), where I am consistently active:

Last but not least, from early 2016, I offer the possibility of visiting me at, either for individual retreats or for group retreats.