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Atthi kammaṃ kaṇhaṃ kaṇhavipākaṃ
May 26th, 2018

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Atthi kammaṃ kaṇhaṃ kaṇhavipākaṃ;
atthi kammaṃ sukkaṃ sukkavipākaṃ;
atthi kammaṃ kaṇhasukkaṃ kaṇhasukkavipākaṃ;
atthi kammaṃ akaṇhaasukkaṃ akaṇhaasukkavipākaṃ, kammakkhayāya saṃvattati.

There is dark karma with dark result;
there is bright karma with bright result;
there is dark-and-bright karma with dark-and-bright result;
there is neither-dark-nor-bright karma with neither-dark-nor-bright result, karma which brings about the ending of karma.

Bojjhaṅga sutta (AN 4.236)

#Buddhism #Dharma
« And what are neither dark nor bright deeds with neither dark nor bright results, which lead to the ending of deeds? The awakening factors of mindfulness, investigation of principles, energy, rapture, tranquility, immersion, and equanimity. »