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[extract from the Pattakamma Sutta (AN 4.61)]
October 15th, 2012

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[extract from the Pattakamma Sutta (AN 4.61)]

"The householder Anathapindika approached the Blessed One, worshipped and sat on a side. The Blessed One said thus to him:
Householder, these four things, pleasing and agreeable for worldly pleasure and charm are rare in the world. What four?
1. May wealth arise to me rightfully.
2. May my fame spread together with my relatives and Teacher.
3. May I live long protected.
4. Securing a place in heaven, may I be born there. (…)"

Material needs, then reputation, then long life, then existential peace…

"Householder, these four rare things in the world, pleasing and agreeable for worldly pleasure and charm, conduce to the gain of four things. What four?
1. The Attainment of Faith (…)
2. The Attainment of Virtues (…)
3. The Attainment of Generosity (…)
4. The Attainment of Wisdom (…)"

Satisfaction of the lower needs will allow the satisfaction of higher goals… Now, tell me: was the Buddha not a precursor of Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs?

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[photo: Louvre Museum's pyramid, by "Dimitri B" ]