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Eight worldly winds
September 29th, 2015

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Eight worldly winds

Su Dong Po  was a famous scholar and poet and a practicing Buddhist during the Sung  Dynasty in China.
   One day after he got out of his meditation session, he wrote the following poem:
« Homage to the Buddha, One who radiates brilliance towards the universe. The eight worldly winds cannot move him, He sat unperturbed in His golden lotus seat. »

   The eight lokadhammas,  the eight "ways of the world" are pairs of preoccupations corresponding to four ways of seeking security in our insecure world:
• gain / loss,
• high status / low status,
• approval / disapproval,
• pleasure / pain.

   On the surface, this was a poem in praise of the Buddha, subtlety, he was implying that he himself would not be affected by the 8 worldly winds.
   He then asked his attendant to send this poem to Chán (Zen) master Fo Yin,  who lived in the opposite side of the river. This was done with the intension to get an appraisal from the Chán Master.

   After the Chán Master read his poem, he wrote 2 words in Chinese 放屁, which could translate as "bullshit"!

   When he saw the comment by the Chán Master, Su Dong Po  was furious. He decided that he would immediately cross the river to seek for an apology.
   When he reached the temple of the Chán Master, the Chán Master was not there but he left a written message of the door: « Not moved by the 8 worldly winds? Just 2 words to move him across the river! »

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