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Karma in Buddhism relates to will, volition, intention
November 26th, 2012 (November 28th, 2012)

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Karma in Buddhism relates to will, volition, intention… It relates to habits and mental fabrications (used as 'rationales' behind specific volitions), the so-called 'knowledge,' 'references,' 'education' ('endoctrinement'), 'values,' 'beliefs,' "long-lasting feelings"… i.e. 'reasons': explanations (past-looking) as well as goals (future-looking)!

Karmic continuation (I)

Assume I believe that my money is mine and that I should always seek "value for money."
By clinging to such a view, I create a well-located weakness i.e. I create an incentive for a like-minded world to try and exploit it. The world will adapt and find a way to convince me that I get value for money even when I don't (that's marketing!). While doing so, the world will itself believe it gets a profit (i.e. its "value for money") from me!

— The old body ceases: I die, the environment does not. —

Providers are all set up, but without a customer anymore. It is not so easy to close businesses, there are inventories, there are owners seeking to perpetuate their lifestyles, etc. It seems much easier to scout for new prospects, to convince additional clients they really should join the "consumer society."

— A new body arises. —

In my new body, I could most likely fall in the marketing trap and would easily drown in over-spending: I am an inexperienced prospect facing people experienced in convincing techniques. However, sooner or later, I will learn a lesson (thanks to advice and education from others or by experiencing "life struggles" due to debt): I will learn that, to survive in such a system primarily set up to 'sell' to me, I should be protective of my money and I should seek "value for money."

'Reasons' from an old body passed onto a new body: the 'I' shaped an environment, which later re-created the 'I'. —

Clinging to capitalism favours a rebirth surrounded by capitalism, again and again, until one learns that this attachment does not provide lasting satisfaction.

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