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Continuing the "free will" discussion
July 18th, 2012

illustration (attribution, if any possible, is at the end of the article)

Continuing the "free will" discussion…
Does the image below talk to you?

+J. Brian Waddington mentioned me when sharing this image, surely in relation to my previous post ( on conditioned phenomena not being enough to negate freedom. And I love this picture! It provides one of the simplest summary of #Buddhism   (although this may not be what it intended to do).

In front of such picture, did you only see the option of going forward??
It doesn't require much observation to realise that left or right before reaching the dual corridor is still possible!!
It also doesn't require much to realise that the cow may remain where it is. Until death, why not, but still having a choice about which death!
Next thing I know, you're likely to say that I'm 'assuming' left or right leads somewhere better, but the fact is: nothing in the picture says any different. So if you come up with this argument, you're the one assuming the permanency of your world view… I'm just saying: left and right are indeterminate, let's have a look!

Call such perspectives "outside the box" or "disregarding common sense" (as if 'common' meant true!) if you wish…

If you bought into this picture's perspective on free choice, you made up —by your biases affecting your perception— the illusion that there was only one outcome! This is a perfect example that 'mental constructions' contribute heavily to one's  #karma  by biasing future perceptions (and for the Buddhist-literate, the perfect example that the 5 aggregates work together, not just one 'on top of' another). Freedom may only come from stopping such concepts and models about "how the world works" and, instead, from looking at reality as it is here and now (i.e. limiting the use of models only to appropriate cases, not automatically using them as if they were an eternal truth)!
The only unescapable truth at present is that you —as the 'you' you know right now— will die (if only as evolving and recycling yourself into your next 'you'). Until death, freedom is yours if you can avoid limiting your perceptions due to prejudiced mental constructs from previous experiences.