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February's streamed magazine was made of 20 articles
March 1st, 2014 (October 30th, 2014)

illustration (attribution, if any possible, is at the end of the article)

February's streamed magazine was made of 20 articles.

11 contributions were original (and "paid content" on Patreon):

• « Non-duality in plain English? »
  (, with follow-up
  « Discernment is not verbalisation »
• « The ageing tetralemma »
• « Neither is, nor is-not, neither both, nor none. »
• « Hallmark dates »
• « What job is "right livelihood" in the modern world? »
• « The Middle Way is not Oneness… so, relax about duality! »
• « Traceless »
• « When listening, just listen! »
• « The birth of responsibility »
• « Jealousy vis-à-vis promotions, successes, etc.? »
• « Seeing a delusion induced by craving »

As previously explained (, the view of my stream as a crowd-funded magazine incurs higher processing costs than monthly donations via

It also misses out substantial activity… from answering questions (i.e. tailoring teachings to each individual a lot more than by just providing static one-size-fits-all articles) to providing direct one-on-one guidance to those in need, to moderating communities…

My hope is that you may see the value provided beyond a mere "entertaining g+ feed", beyond a mere "streamed magazine", and would consider supporting all aspects of this work via so that access may remain free of charge for all (regardless of current or future, local or global, circumstances).

If you took a bodhisattva vow to help all sentient beings get free from suffering,  funding a teacher is one practical way to provide some of the said help  here and now.

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by Alan Beyer:
Zen Buddhist Monk - Japan,
- Begging for Alms -

Nikon D7100,
VR 18-200mmm,
FL: 112mm
Exp: 1/80
App: f/11
Conversion to B/W using Nikon NxView software.