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July (+ announcement)
July 31st, 2014 (October 30th, 2014)

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July (+ announcement)

22 posts included 12 original contributions:

Freedom when bound by contract
Samurai Zen
• Advanced teaching: "Four noble truths": Truths? What truths?
  (video for +Saṅgha Alive!
Beyond perception
Still… until not-so-still!
Forgive and forget
• Advanced teaching: the karma of victims
  (video for +Saṅgha Alive!,
Plant intelligence
We can't make this issue sexy, but it deserves your attention
We can be mindful of body, thoughts, intention… while intervening in a situation that needs response. 'Mindfulness' is not a seated posture.
"I have the right to defend myself"

   I know that many people will consider the last five posts (three originals + The Land is Mine ( + "Where is the Palestinian Gandhi?" ( to be "too political"… but, in my view, ethics and spirituality are a compass to act  wisely, not just something to talk about.
   That's the Middle Way between cultivating and embodying: there's little point in cultivating wisdom and compassion if it's to always postpone their embodiment (
   The first precept is at the core of Buddhism, and while it cannot be naïvely taken as absolute ( #nonviolence  remains key to the practice (the 'real' or 'embodied' practice that makes Buddhism 'authentic', not just doctrine).

About donations

   The opportunity to give alms in support of my work has now been open for a year. I want to take this opportunity to thank all donators (one-offs and monthly), but I also need to inform you that I might reduce my presence online for some weeks to come, as I'm about to become a wanderer in a few days… I'll do my very best to continue helping whoever contacts me, to support my direct students and even to continue posting on g+… Maybe the difference will not even be so noticeable, but ensuring the regularity  might prove more difficult without a fixed location or a well-controlled internet connection; apologies in advance.

   In July, the original creations listed above —as well as long interactions in communities and in comment threads— were financially supported by 17 people. This production accrues several thousands views every day (out of a quarter of a million followers), and 237 people currently ask for notifications when original content is posted.
   If you don't do so already, please contribute towards the concrete production of content you enjoy and share: join the 17 supporters, via

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