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Do you define your circumstances as 'hopeless' or 'inspiring'?
December 19th, 2012 (November 21st, 2013)

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Do you define your circumstances as 'hopeless' or 'inspiring'?
Is it "things as they are, nothing I can change" or "rising to the challenge"?

The content of our mind constitutes our world. If we are afraid, we perceive a frightening world: we see many reasons not to trust, many dangers in the face of uncertainty… If we are fearless, we perceive a joyful world: we see many reasons to share and love, many opportunities in the face of uncertainty…
As I wrote many times recently in the "karmic continuation" series, karma is 'reasons': reasons as 'explanations' (looking to the past), and reasons as 'goals' (looking to the future)! Karma is a narrative we appropriate as our own, a narrative which explains where our current worldview comes from (and what we think is to happen now, or what is achievable) but also which influences what we want next.

There is a reality "out there" with events we do not control, but our emotions and our experience are only loosely connected to factuality. The reality we face is uncertain and constantly changing; and there is no intrinsic characteristic found in what's uncertain, in what's impermanent; thus, our experience cannot possibly have any tie to any 'firm' characteristic. Our experience is tied to a narrative, both 'real' (as it has actual behavioural consequences, and a cascade of factual consequences from there) and 'unreal' (it's just a story that we make ours).

Our interpretation (that the self-perpetuating narrative conditions to be fearful or fearless) is what selects the world we live in.

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Do you define your circumstances as 'hopeless' or 'inspiring'?
Is it "things as they are, nothing I can change," or "rising to the challenge"?

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