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October 31st, 2014 (November 1st, 2014)

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(a table of contents, two remarks, an introduction… and numbers)

   21 posts in October, 13 originals, 8 personal contributions:
• Safeguarding the truth, when one cannot truly be sure
Udumbara  refers to the tree, flower and fruit of the ficus racemosa
Karma is tendencies… so, what tendency do you embody today?
'Maddening' meditation?
Stop blaming karma, or fate, or bad luck… — a "sudden awakening, gradual cultivation" presentation
• My prayers, which are for all beings, how could they fail to include you?
Don't-know 'your' age
• Asking "what is this?", don't stop at projections and preconceptions!
• Empathy is a choice
On not  joining Tsū
Taking refuge in the "Sangha", Happy Deepavali / Diwali! — Indian diary (5) & 'Advanced' Buddhist teaching
The world
The Buddha suffered — Advanced teaching

   Two remarks:
"Don't-know 'your' age" ( is the most under-rated post this month, which I suppose is mostly due to the image I chose… Don't let the image mislead you!
"The Buddha suffered" ( got some very good comments. Read the thread to the end: don't let the disruption by pio dal cin  stop you from reading the later comments!

   The month finished on a 24'' video ( in response to a life coach and writer you might want to follow if you like my posts: +Fariyal Wallez from +Let your body talk. She's not wearing the "buddhist" label, but she's definitely working on being compassionate, wise, and on helping others (first hour of coaching is free, BTW… so, if you're considering some life- or career-change, you might want to talk to her).

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